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Total IT Systems, directors have been providing professional ICT support and consultancy for over 28 years. We are dedicated to providing the best support and service to clients.

We listen closely to our clients to understand their needs. We strive to help and support our clients to THEIR best advantage and to the best of our ability. We believe that short-term company profits or targets should NEVER take precedence over giving a client the best possible advice or solution.

We act with all appropriate speed and diligence. If we do not know the answer we will say so and strive to find the solution as quickly as we can.

We constantly re-train and improve our knowledge and qualifications to give our clients the best solution to every problem.

We acknowledge that our clients business is THEIR business and that we will keep confidential any information or dealings we have with our clients

We plan, design, specify and build the solution right for your business. Some of our clients are based on a single site and require secure network access as well as remote access to their email and office systems through their PDA or laptop. Other clients have branch offices and shops spread throughout the country with multiple users requiring PDA access or even remote workplace access to their desktops at head office.

All great businesses have great partners and we have aligned ourselves with the very best in the industry. HP, Dell, BT, ShoreTel, Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco, Draytek, NetGear, Mimecast, Sophos. All world leaders in their respective field. By using best of breed hardware and software and by only using suitably qualified and trained staff, we are able to provide your business with secure, reliable systems that work when you need them to.

Only through great staff can we provide great service. We constantly re-train to improve our  knowledge and  to ensure that we know the best solution to common every day IT problem. What all businesses have in common, is their need to have their phones, email, internet, networks, servers, PC’s, printers, plotters, backup systems and software operating all of the time. They also require advice on how best to use technology within their organisations.

We provide this link between the technologies on the one hand, the users and the suppliers on the other to ensure that as far as you the client is concerned everything operates as it should. We have the skills, the staff and the experience.

Call us on 028 6774 2000 and we will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.